Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am weak

It's not an easy diet.  The hunger pangs really get to you. I've taken up sipping water over the hours until my next meal and brew some tea to get some kind of flavor into my mouth occasionally.   

Unfortunately I have fallen into temptation and have strayed from the diet today.  Lunch went well, but the rest of the day was pretty hard to handle.  I ended up in Trader's Joe buying 2 ribeye steaks for dinner with my girl.  The steaks were very very good.  I took a good 8 bites if not more tonight.  My stomach is certainly full, but it took a lot less food than it would have previously.  Feel so guilty and so full.  Oh well, tomorrows a new day.

5 bites of a combination of chicken breast and stuffing leftover from Thanksgiving.

8-9 bites of ribeye steak.  I think it was worth it, but will be cautious from here on out.

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